Answer of are pressure cookers safe to Use?

Pressure cookers are becoming increasingly popular in the cooking industry today mainly because of the fact that they reduce cooking time by over 70% as compared to other conventional cooking techniques. Besides saving time, they also have a reputation for saving energy required to cook food (by the same percentage) as well as the nutrients and flavor in the food.

Pressure cookers cook food faster by building up pressure inside a sealed pot which raises the boiling point of liquid inside the pot, which in turn allows food to be cooked at much higher temperatures than in conventional cooking. Traditional models of pressure cookers had quite a reputation for being the cause of most kitchen mishaps. When pressure builds up inside the cooker, the lid may blow up in case of a fault. Pressure cooker buyers guide & many more is the right place of all answers. You might remember the tales from your parents’ or grandparents’ time of pressure cookers blowing up and curry splattering all over the kitchen walls and ceiling. Many people still fear the use of this exceptional appliance for the same reason.

The pressure cookers of today, although having the same basic functionality, are nothing like the old, traditional ones in terms of safety. They have multi fold safety mechanisms to ensure that the lid does not blow up even if the user makes a mistake. They are more reliable and safe to use even when in the hands of an amateur cook. Here is a list of the safety features that come with normally all of the modern pressure cooker.

The purpose of these release valves is to monitor the pressure inside the cooker. It does not let the pressure go beyond the pre-set level. If more pressure builds up than what is required, the valves open up to release steam and maintain the pressure level.

2.   Locking system:

Almost all pressure cookers come with a locking device in the lid. This lock does not open until the pressure inside the cooker subsides to safe levels.

3.   Pop up indicators:

These indicators precisely indicate the pressure inside the cooker. With the help of these indicators, the user will be able to tell when the pressure reaches the maximum level.

4.   Gasket release aperture:

Most modern pressure cookers have a gasket release aperture just under the lid. When pressure builds up to the maximum level, the rubber gasket is pushed upwards so that the pressure can be released through the aperture.  This feature along with the functionality of the pressure release valves, ensure that the temperature and the pressure inside the cooker does not go beyond a set level.

5.   Leaky lid detection:

If the lid of the cooker has a leakage and does not seal completely, it can easily go unnoticed by the user and the food can burn. Most modern pressure cookers are able to detect this condition if the heating time is longer than usual. The cooker will switch its mode to warm and prevent food from burning.

Modern pressure cookers are many times more advanced and intelligent than traditional ones. In addition to cooking food faster, they offer safety and convenience to the user. Buy a pressure cooker today and make your cooking experience enjoyable and fearless.